Heavier oil?



Factory recommended oil is 10w30 to use in a car.

What is the next heavier oil to use if you have high oil consumption?


15w-40 “fleet oil” might help, or 20w-50. Also, in the summer, you might try straight 40 weight oil.

Year, make model mileage would be helpful to those wishing to reply…


The other recommendation is good, and you can get somewhere near that by using one can of straight thirty weight in with the other oil. You can usually get it cheap. What’s good about the high oil consumption is that if you try the 15W40 and the oil use is still too much, you can just add the straight thirty when you need more oil.


Before you go putting in heavier oil, that may not be good for your car, maybe it would be a good idea to tell us what make, model, year and miles your car is. How much oil is it using (miles and time) and are there any leaks apparent?


try the high mileage oils first like the Maxlife of the same weight as they can help in reducing consumption. You can also mix your own to obtain a 10W35 or go to a 10W40 etc. You will get a more sluggish response with a heavier weight oil not to mention cold weather issues in a 15W40


Sorry I was away for a few days.

More info about the vehicle 1990 Mazda B2200 carb. with 112000 miles on it.
At start up it smokes for about 10-20 seconds then the smoke disappear, but it still burns 1 quart of oil about every 500 miles. If I am on a highway the usage much less like 1/3 quart for every 500 miles. (Of course less start up and cold running while on a highway.) The valve steam seals are worn.

Thank you for the replies!