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Oil Leak

Been having an oil leak issue and found where it is coming from Now the only issue is that i have no idea what this is called. I do note believe its the hose but the connection to the hose. Please i would just like to know what i need to buy to finally get this fixed. I attached a couple of images so that yall can take a look. This is a VW beetle 2006. 2.5 L 5 cylinder. Any help would be nice thanks!

That looks like the brake booster vacuum line. The oil on the connector may be from the oil build-up in the intake manifold from the PCV mist. I don’t think this would leak puddles of oil.

That is the only place I figure it’s coming from. Cleaned everywhere else and this is the only place the oil is at

There should be an O-ring on that quick connection that can be replaced but a complete new line shouldn’t cost much.