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2005 vw Jetta 2.5L

I have a 2005 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5L and it’s leaking oil slowly dripping

I’d suggest you take it to a mechanic who can determine what the source of the leak is and repair it.


Sorry, the picture doesn’t show me anything useful.

Are you going to try and fix it yourself or have a shop fix it?

I’m trying fix it myself idk if it’s the vacuum pump it’s leaks I had cleaned it up a lil bit before I took the picture

Chase the leak bottom to top when the oil stream stops is the likely point. Valve covers are up top. If it is dry around the covers, go to the next point. Anything bolted into the engine should be suspect as they will have some sealing feature. If the front or rear crank seals are leaking, replacing those can be a big job.

If you can’t find it, dye is available to pour into the oil. It will glow under a black light and highlight the location of the leak and the drip path.

it looks like it’s coming from the vacuum pump but it could be multiple