Oil Leak?

I have a burn oil smell when I stop and get out of my car. I had my seals and valve cover gasket replaced about 6 months ago. I can still smell the odor when I get out of the car after driving. When I have my oil changed at 3000 miles, I am always a quart low and I have no reason to think it is engine burn. What is my next step?

Can you see any oil leaks? Look for wisps of smoke right after driving. Tighten the valve covers a little bit.

Have the Oil Pressure sending unit checked for leaks. It’s usually in an out of the way location on the engine and easy to miss.

My 2000 Blazer is using about a quart of oil between changes (every 4-5k). I check the oil level on a regular basis and top off the oil when it gets to 1/4 to 1/2 between the fill marks.

Ed B.

Gerry, I’d Check The Condition Of The PCV System. Feel The Outside Of Any Tubing And The PCV Valve Itself For Evidence Of Leaking Oil.

Tubing could have been disturbed during the VC gasket job or just got old, hard, baked, and cracked or loose.

What Model-year is this Camry and about how many miles on it ?


If you smell oil burning, there should be some smoke. Most likely it is getting onto something hot enough to burn the oil, and that would be an exhaust system component such as the exhaust manifold, or exhaust pipe prior to the catalytic converter. Or one of the associated heat shields. Once you find where it is burning, you should be able to trace back to the source leak.