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2000 Toyota Camry

I have a 4 cyl 2000 camry. I notice the smell of burning oil when I shut off the car and while I’m driving. There is no black smoke coming from the tail pipe and it uses minimal oil. I removed the spark plugs and found oil on the threads of spark plug # 2, but not on the electrode. What’s up?

You likely have oil seeping past the valvecover gasket and/or some seals when the engine is on and the crankcase is pressurized (by blowby) and it’s dripping onto the exhaust system somewhere.

The oil on the sparkplugs is due to leakage at the base of the spark plug tube seals. In this engine the seals are incorporated into the valvecover gasket (see attached diagram).

The oil may be seeping out due to normal engine wear. As the cyliinders wear, gasses from combustion can be forced by tired rings and pressurize the crankcase. The crankcase is connected to the space under the valvecover via open drainback paths, and the area under the valvecover can also get pressurized, When the seals get old and lose their compression, oil can get forced past them. Since the exhaust manifold is right under the valvecover gasketm it can run down onto the manifold and burn.