Oil Leaks and Consumption

I have a 1992 Honda Accord with 270,000 on the odometer. Recently, I noticed little oil drops on the driveway floor where the front of the car is parked.
What does this mean? The car consumes about a quart of oil every 2k to3k miles. Cause for concern?

For the age and mileage it could be considered normal and the oil consumption is very good all things considered.
If it were my car I’d have it checked out. It could be something comparatively easy and cheap to fix.

It would be adviseable to make sure the leak is not coming from the timing belt cover. Oil leakage can damage a timing belt and cause it to fail. If the belt breaks the engine will suffer damage.

If the leak is from the belt case it would be a good idea to go ahead with a timing belt kit and oil seal replacement.

A 92 Honda with 270k miles and a little oil leaks? And it only uses a quart of oil every 2k-3k miles?

You must be the luckiest person in the world?

For the oil leak? Look at the oil pressure sending unit next to the oil filter.

These will sometimes start leaking and leave oil spots below the engine.

But what ever you’re doin’, keep on doin’


I would have the leak inspected to find the source. The leak could be something minor or innocuous, or something that needs attention immediately. These cars have an o-ring at the oil filter mount. At that mileage, that seal could fail and would result in pressurized oil leaking out quite rapidly.

If its from the front it could be just the valve cover. Oil filters are on the back of the Hondas. Raise the hood and take a look around for fresh wet oil. Take a flashlight so you can see into the dark areas.

It could also be the distributor O ring. This is an easy fix, the distributor does not need to be replaced, only the O ring and its easy and quick to do. If it is this, it leaks onto one of the heater hoses, causing it to swell and resulting in a coolant leak as well. A coolant leak could lead to over heating and you do not want to overheat a Honda, they do not tolerate that well.

A 92 Honda with 270k miles and a little oil leaks? And it only uses a quart of oil every 2k-3k miles?

You must be the luckiest person in the world?

Not sure why you consider that lucky. Non of our Accords were using that much oil - even well past 270k miles.

Common leak areas on that vehicle…in addition to the ones listed above. The Distributor (Super Common), Valve Cover Gasket, Front Main seal on the crank…the Balance shaft seal,

Hell at 270 It could leak from any old place really…its up to you to tell US where its leaking from. Best way to do that is to use some Castrol Super Clean on the engine…Hose off…and watch it.

If its the front main or any other seal Behind the T belt cover…you better get a move on if you dont want to throw the T belt or have any other oil related failure of the T belt…Can get Serious real quick thata way.


All good ideas but everyone is concentrating on the front of the engine.

The Op stated that the leak was at the front of the car. Though “Front of the car”, to some, could be anywhere forward of the rear wheels.
I’m wondering if it is a transmission cooler line or the steering rack or line that is leaking.

Place a piece of white paper in that spot and see what color the drops are. Then report back here with the findings. Engine oil will be dark brown to black (depending on when the last oil change was). Transmission fluid will be red or burgundy. Power steering fluid and brake fluid are clear.

I’d have your mechanic take a look while it’s just a small leak. Let it go too long and it might be an accident waiting to happen or catastrophic engine or transmission damage.


Everyone is also assuming it’s oil. It may not be. It might be brake fluid. And that gets dangerous fast.

I agree with Ypsemite. Get this checked out by a reputable mechanic ASAP. Until you know what it is, assume it’s serious.