Oil leak



The service manager at the local Ford dealer tells me its normal that my Ford F350 XLT diesel leaks oil between the block and the oil pan. I think he’s out to lunch. What’s up with this??


Let me guess. Is the truck still under warranty?

I would be willing to bet that his story will change once the warranty is expired.


Well, there’s “normal” as in - “oh, that happens a lot with these vehicles” and then there’s normal as in “oh, its supposed to be that way.”

I’m assuming this character meant the former and that VDCdriver is close to correct.


It would be nice to know the year and milage.


The vehicle is a 2004 with 83,000 miles.


Can you get him to put that in writing on Ford stationary? :slight_smile:


Wait, this is a Ford. Maybe it is normal!

Kidding. I actually like Fords (Mustangs).


Leaking oil between the block and the oil pan on a vehice that age would make me wonder if the crankcase is building excess pressure. I confess to not knowing how that engine vents its crankcase pressure, whether it’s through a PCV valve or whatnot, but that theory may be where to start.

The engine is high compression (all diesels are) and if there’s wear in the cylinders and/or the oil rings are gummed up (or have lost the spring tension that seals them against the walls) you may be building crankcase pressure. A compression test won’t necessarily answer this because the compression rings could be fine but the oil rings not.

Perhaps a “gumout” addirive would free stuck rings and help. Or perhaps the diesel guys that hang out here will correct me if I’m all wet. Or help.


One mechanic told the previous owner of an 85 Cadillac that it would cost $2,000 to fix the oil leaks right. I bought the car anyway and tightened the oil pan bolts which were really loose and the leak went away. Plus, they were running 5W30 oil when it called for straight 30.


That’s why oil pan gaskets were invented. How long ago? Henry Ford used them didn’t he?


what are you talking about? 5W-30 think time frame? next 85 caddys . food for thought.