90 Ford F350

Loaned my truck to a friend who drove it @ high speed and blew most of the oil out of it, I had to put 41/2 qts when he returned. truck has a pan gasket leak, but now a clanking noise that is getting worse. took it to 3 different shops with 3opions lefter, crank bearing or pisten slope. motor has 114k. Some say keep driving it, comments please

Agree that some serious internal damage was done. Technically your “friend” should pay at least for half of an overhaul, but that may be wishful thinking.

On a vehicle this age, I would just keep driving it till the engine gives out, and then, if the rest of the truck is good, replace it with a used motor from a wreck. If the mileage is high you will want to scrap the vehicle when the engine gives up. Just keep putting more oil in to ensure adequate lubrication.

It was not so much the fast driving as not topping up a leaking oil pan that caused the problem, from what I read.

True, pan leak blew more oil out. when I drive it @max 60mph uses about a qt per 300 mi. if it is a lifter can it cause real trouble? thanks again for the reply

Your engine is basically on its last legs; it’s hard to predict what will give out first. A noisy lifter will not necesasarily mean that this will cause its demise. Just cross your fingers and drive on.

Never trust anybody under 30. But, seriously, People may seem normal until they borrow something. Don’t lend them anything that you can’t afford to lose.

What did you tell your friend about the leak before he drove it off? It sounds like it was in very bad shape before you loaned it to him. A quart every 300 miles? I can’t imagine he made it much worse than it was already.

The engine is on borrowed time so don’t go far from home, if anywhere. The clanking is probably a rod bearing; or two or three.
Crank bearings are the first victims when the oil supply disappears.