Oil leak

why does the oil from my 93 ford explorer wagon 4.9 liter end up in the air breather box and leak onto the ground , all of it after you drive it. its is coming from the breather tube i guess

A '93? Probably excesive blow-by carrying oil from the crankcase through the breather. A common problem with high-mileage and older cars. Check the PCV valve. If it is blocked up, that could let the crankcase pressure build-up.

thanks for tending to my question so quickly but yes i changed the pcv valve and that did not change anything. would it hurt to block that breather tube off and someone said something about a oil seperator on that model

You should not block off the hose, because that could lead to over-pressurizing the block. This could blow out other seals, and cause problems. You’ll just have to live with the problem until the engine gives up altogether, or you can find an oil separator to place in the breather line. Leaving the line loose will also cause running problems.

The main purpose of this line is to allow fresh (filtered) air into the engine block as crankcase gasses are being sucked out of the block on the other side through the PCV valve. But, if the crankcase gasses are building up quickly because of excessive blow-by, then this also serves as a relief to prevent those gasses from over-pressurizing the block.