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Losing oil

Is it possible for my 1997 Honda civic to lose as much as 1qt every 500 miles from the camshaft seal? I removed the camshaft cover and noticed some oil around the camshaft mech seal. And the engine has oil drip on that side of the engine only. Also anyone with a 1996-1998 Honda civic is eligible for some emissions repairs absolutely free as long as the car has less than 150,000.

how do you know what seal is leaking? have you went any deeper? seepage and leakage ,are 2 different animals.


Right now i dont quite know, but i have to replace the water pump (not leaking yet) and timing belt. I will take advantage of this repair and replace both the camshaft and crankshaft seals. I have done everything possible to find the source (new pvc, oil pangasket, valve cover gaskets, compression test, vacuum test etc.) and still losing oil. I degreased the engine completely and climbed underneath and made susre no oil stains. The next day i found a small drip rught under the bottom crankshaft pulley cover. Im guessing it couold be both seals, but as i was unable to pull the crankshaft cover i pulled the canshaft cover and noticed enough oil to convince me that the oil is coming from inside somewhere where the pulleys are…

If your camshaft seal was leaking your timing belt would probably be oil soaked, which is VERY bad. If you aren’t smelling burning oil when you lift the hood, check to see if maybe your pan is leaking. A quart every 500 miles is bound to produce some smoke from under the hood if it were leaking onto the engine. Take a look at your timing belt though, you could be in big trouble in a hurry.