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Oil leak chevy scotsdale

far as i know truck wasnt leaking or using oil when i got it. tuned the valves and changed the oil and filter and it came to life. still needs a serious tune up im sure. but not sure where to begin. anyway the oil leak started after puttin around 200 miles on it last weekend 3 pretty long drives. i just sprayed it down with degreaser and rinsed it off. oil was everywhere under the engine starter, oil pan, oil filter. after work where i see the drip is coming off the oil filter. guess im curious as to how serious it could be. 200 or more miles last weekend drove it all week to work and whatever else i had to do so probably another 100 there and it lost maybe half a qaurt. and other than new gaskets for the valve covers and cleaning the transmission pan and replacing the filter, what are some other things i can do to tune this truck up?

I would really nail down the oil leak issue before going on with tune items, in fact I think a compression test is called for here.

My 77 ford had a leaky oil pan gasket, and a leaky rear main seal, and leaks from lifter covers. I fixed them one at a time as I tracked down the worst leaking. When done, I was much happier with the truck, and it was happier with me. Several cans of degreaser and spraying down now are much cheaper than two quarts of oil per week for the next year.

What do you mean you “tuned” the valves? Did you tighten the rocker arm on a noisy lifter? If so you had the valve cover off. Did you put in a new gasket after checking to see if the valve cover was straight?

well a friend of mine did that part yeah he took the valve covers off and tightened that nut all the way around till eventually the engine sounded way better and the carb quit blowing back and no i was short on cash used tvr but today after church im goin to buy new gaskets for both sides and fix that how hard is it to change out a main seal?