Oil Leak and Check Engine Light


I have a 1997 Toyota Camry. It has an oil leak from some unknown spot and the check engine light has come on. Last night, I was driving home and the car started to shake between 10-25 mph. After that the light came on. There was already a small oil leak. What do you think it is?


First things first, check your engine oil level.

Next step is to find out what the check engine light is. You can do this by paying a mechanic a diagnostic fee or taking your car to Autozone or similar auto chain and asked for codes to be scanned. Once you get a code report back here.


[b]The Check Engine light means the engine management system has detected a problem with the emission control system.

Autozone and other parts stores will hook up a scanner to your vehicle for free to pull any codes that might be stored in the computer. And that’s what you should do. Then report back with any codes that were retrieved and we’ll go from there.

By the way, the oil leak and the Check Engine light are unrelated.



the check engine code was 770. Something about a selenoid E.


it coded as 770. It said something about a Selenoid E.