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Check engine light emission code

hi. let me start by apologising, if this topic has been discussed b4. so my dad has a 2007 dodge ram 5.7 hemi and recently the check engine light has been staying on at first it was fuel door open now thats gone but the check engine is there went to get the code read and was told something about a fuel leak evaporator leak the cap or a vacum line the cap was tested it was good any ideas ? dont want to take to dealer because its $95 just to check it

We need to know the exact code that was set. This indicates where the EVAP system problem lies.


Hey I have i 99 accord ex and just had the crank shaft, cam shaft, and oil pump seals replaced but my emissions light comes a lot, most of the time it because the oil is low so I put oil in it but I shouldn’t be having oil leaks anymore but iv noticed theres a lot of caked up oil on the bottom of the distributor and my car will some times shutter like its trying to go but the car will stop when I let off the gas and slowly get back on it, it’s got the 2.3 vtec, it drives great when it’s not acting up. What could be causing these problems

I thought you claimed that your father was a mechanic in another post so why are you asking questions on a forum . And also you are reviving old threads .

Yes my dad is a mechanic but I don’t talk to my dad but thanks for being rude and I know most stuff but it’s nice to hear feed back from people who know what their doing and don’t have a complex.