05 Sienna and its check engine light

I just returned from getting my oil changed in my Sienna and 10 miles down the road from the dealership my check engine light pops up! I was still 15 miles from home, so I pulled over and called the dealership. They said it has nothing to do with the oil change, and that I should bring it in tomorrow. It seems incredibly coincidental that 10 miles after taking my car to the dealership for service that this light comes on. Is it possible that the two aren’t related or are they shining me on?

They may or may not be related. If the tech that did the oil change knocked something lose (vacuum line, electrical connector) it may be there fault. More then likely it is coincidence. Take it back have them scan it and find out why the light is on. If you don’t want to wait that long you could try a local auto parts store. Most of the chain places like autozone will read the codes for free.

Just to be cautious, pull the engine oil dipstick out, wipe it off, re-insert, pull it out, and look at the oil level indication. If oil doesn’t wet the end of the dip stick, don’t start, or run, the engine.