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Oil grade and type?

I have a 1960 Buick Electra 225 with a 445 Wildcat engine.No owners manual. What type and grade of oil should i Use? What size oil filter? 6.6l engine.

Any parts store should have a catalog with the proper oil filter listed.

I’d check with to see if they have a use owner’s manual.

If not, try

The Fram website lists a PH25 oil filter for your Buick in the Application Look Up page.

I had 69 and 71 Buick Skylarks back in the day, I used 10w-40 oil at the time.

Ed B.

Any automotive 10w30 or 10w40 should be fine.

These Buick Electras were great cars. I’m certain a modern 10W-30 would be fine. The owner’s manual may have recommended a straight weight oil–perhaps 30 weight for summer months, 20W-20 for moderate months and 10W for really cold climates. Multiviscosity oils were looked upon with some suspicion back in those days and some manufacturers didn’t recommend them. Oils have vastly improved since 1960, so you should be safe with any 10W-30. Some brands of 10W-40 oil some years back caused caused engines to carbon up due to the polymers in the oil that stretched to viscosity range. That problem has probably been cleared up as well. The Buick engines back then used to carbon up with short in-town runs. You cleared out the carbon by giving the car a good run out on the highway.