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2002 buick regal 3.8

Can I use 0w 40 oil in this car

I normally use 10 W 30 but I got 0w 40 for free

got 10 gallons of mobile one

Look on the oil cap.

It reflects what oil should be put in the engine.

Anything else is experimenting.


And can be extremely costly, far more so than what you would have spent on the amount of oil you got for free.

Read your manual. A 0W30 Synthetic would be OK as this engine was originally designed for 5W30 mineral oil.

I would not use it, unless you are towing a trailer in the summer and are draining it before the cold weather sets in.

I’ve heard and seen radio and TV adds asking, “What’s better than free?” or stating, “Nothing beats Free!”

I have to call B.S. on that logic! :smile:

If I could get free fast food hamburgers & fries, free pizza, free tattoos, free rings jammed through my ears, nose or eyebrows, free heroin, etcetera… …things that people pay for, I wouldn’t take any of them.

“Free” sounds great, but if it doesn’t fit your requirements or needs it isn’t anything but garbage.
How about a free fat lip? How does that sound? :wink:

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Speaking of free things . . .

A few weekends ago, the O’Reilly’s near my house was offering a deal . . . you bring in 2 used engine oil filters, in exchange for 2 new ones, some rags, a drain tub and bucket

Interestingly enough, it was only at that particular location, one day only, from 10AM-2PM

And the program was in connection with our city’s department of sanitation

The department probably has the program at various auto parts stores, throughout the year

Three were two different 3.8 engines that year, but from what I can see both spec 5W-30 engine oil. It appears your engine doesn’t use variable valve timing, but if it does, definitely use the exact oil the manufacturer recommends. If you don’t have the VVT functionality, then you might be able to get away with using a slightly different oil spec, but 0W-40 seems like it is more than a little different. You best bet is to sell/give it to somebody who owns a car that can make use of it.

One other caution, if you haven’t been using synthetic oil in your car, sometimes changing to synthetics can cause oil leaks. Another concern is synthetic oil has better cleaning properties and that can dissolve a lot of gunk that has accumulated inside the engine over the years using dinosaur oil, so if you do make the switch, suggest to not allow the first volley of synthetic to stay in the engine for more than a couple weeks. At that point drain it out, replace w/fresh, and replace the oil filter.

I wonder of this was something negotiated in response to (punishment for) having gotten caught violating some recycling mandate.

I wouldn’t doubt it at all :frowning_face:

Considering the parts store guys are often working customer cars in the parking lot . . . against company policy, in many cases . . . I wouldn’t doubt if “every once in awhile” fluids don’t get handled in an improper manner

The bureau of automotive repair occasionally sends out undercover people to observe smog testing facilities. I could see other bureaucracies doing the same thing, to make sure auto parts stores are also in compliance with regulations