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Oil Filters

Wow, I learn something new every day. When my dad taught me how to do oil changes, he said that the oil filter gasket has to be lubed with oil. Never told me why and I never took the time to find out. I just did it because he said to do it and he was a good mechanic. Today I find out the reason why via Tom and Ray’s column in the local paper. To keep the filter from sticking to the block.

Good work guys.

Good work dad.

Dad was a smart man.

Did he teach you to also lube the filter threads? And to check the mounting surface (I wipe mine down) and only tighten the filter hand tight?

Yes to both. I also put oil in the filter.

Outstanding! I do that too when the filter is vertical, like on my tC.

It don’t work too good if it screws in from the top, like a Chrysler Slant Six engine :slight_smile:

Or from the side like my daughter’s Civic.

I have always done that but was told it was to be sure to get good seal. I have found out,(the hard way) that the seal will still stick on my caravan. Messy lesson not to do a check and wipe down. That is what I get for getting in a hurry!

I remember one time cross threading an oil filter on my '67 Dodge Dart GT with the powerful :slight_smile: Slant Six engine. After I started it up, I couldn’t figure out where the oil was coming from. My dad pointed it out (what did I know, I was a teenager).