2019 RAM 1500 - Leaking from filter housing


changed the oil for the first time at 6900 and found it was leaking from the (new oil) filter . Changed the filter again with a stock mopar filter again. It is still leaking oil on my floor. Please any suggestions.

The things that might cause this are - did not replace gasket - put new gasket on with old one still there - did not tighten enough or tightened to much .

Your choice but on a new vehicle I always use the dealer for oil and filter changes until the warranty expires . That way there is a record and no disputes if a problem occurs.


Yah my mistake. I have always used the dealer in the past, but this time because of so many dealer issue problems with these guys i didn’t, I did have this shop replace the filter two times with a mopar filter and did ask if there is only one gasket on it and they said yes. I’m not a spring chicken any more but guess i’ll have to use the old rhino lifts i’ve always used in the past and crawl under and look for myself. Maybe try a Mobile 1 ,or Bosch . Doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks for your comments .

Unfortunately I had bad experiences with my local Dodge dealership. When Lee Iacocca headed Chrysler he mentioned that problem. Seems the franchise owners never got the message. I would like a Miata, but same owner as Dodge in my area.
I switched to Ford, very pleased with the dealership.

Make sure the old gasket is not stuck in place.


another common mistake . . .

overtightening the new spin-on filter, which also causes leakage

maybe the guy doing the oil change got the cold shoulder the night before and was overcompensating?

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