Oil filter strap wrench

is there a strap wrench that is best or a professional quality that works?

I Got A Nice Craftsman One From Sears.


This Is The One. It Is Well Made And Strong (I Gave It A Work-Out) And It Comes In APlastic Case (Box), But I Don’t See The Famous Unconditional Warranty, However It Is Craftsman.



What do you want one to do ?

P.S. I did find the full warranty on the link I gave above.

Oops, I Forgot About The Oil Filter Bit. This Thing May Not Fit, But I Do Have Two Sizes Of Steel Band Craftsman Oil Filter Wrenches. They Have Worked Grat For Many Years And The Handles Can Change Angles.

Something like this:



I like steel strap wrenches for filters that need to be accessed from their sides and a clamping type of wrench (ratchet driven) for filters that need to be accessed from their ends…like mine. With either you’ll need a set of different sizes.

My favorite is a flat coiled spring that winds around the canister, tightening as you turn the ratchet, but I can’t find one in today’s small filter canister sizes.

Those all look pretty good. I’ve got two–one my grandfather had, and a cheapie I bought in an emergency once. Both work fine and show no sign of ever wearing out.

I like mine made by Lisle Tools. But as long as it’s a name brand they are pretty much the same.