Oil filter location

Where is the oil filter located on a 2006 1/2 Kia Optima EX V6?

I’m Biting My Tongue, But It’s Not Easy.


Please consult the owner’s manual. It should show you the location of the filter.

“2006 1/2?” Is that different than 2006?

The First Thing I Did When I Recently Bought My Wife’s 09 Chevy . . .

. . . Was to stop on the way home and pick up an oil filter, park the car at home, look around underneath to see where the filter was and what type filter wrench to get out of my tool box, and make sure 5w30 Mobi-1 EP was specified by manufacturer in the Owner’s Manual.

Then I changed the oil and filter.

Seriously, I would look under and over the engine and locate the filter (might be a panel to remove). You’ll probably want to eye-ball it anyhow to see what tools will best suit this situation. That’s what I do.


Kia wouldn’t be the first company to have a 1/2 model year with some major changes. Although I haven’t seen it in years?

I once had a 1985-1/2 Mercury Lynx (Ford Escort).