Oil Drip

Oil drip off oil pan started suddenly. Chevy 350. I overfilled it by about 1/2 quart, could that do it? Could this raise the level in the pan enough to be above the pan gasket when at rest…?

Even though your oil leak discription is pretty vague nothing bad happened because of a half quart overfill. A “leak” or “drip” that developes after a oil change would send me back to check out my drain plug surface or gasket.

Give the oil pan retention bolts a uniform “snug up” I would think that half a turn at the very most would do it if it would help at all. What I am getting at is don’t over tighten the oil pan bolts.

I don’t think 1/2 quart would raise it enough to reach the top of the pan. How do you know it was only 1/2 quart overfull? Did you just change the oil and filter? It might be residual oil from the filter being taken off and spilled on the eng. I know the pan and filter are a ways apart for this to happen but the only other thing I can think of is the drain plug is leaking or possibly when you were pouring oil in the top some spilled and ran down the side of the engine.