Oil changing

I live in Indiana and would like to take a 2hr trip to Chicago. I need an oil change and would like to know if I will have any problems doing this without getting one?

In general adding two or three hundred miles to an oil change interval is not a big deal. However, you didn’t provide much into about your car, its oil consumption, your oil change interval or any real info to make a better estimate or provide any better advice.

Assuming the oil is at the proper level on the dipstick a few more hours of engine operation, and a few hundred more miles, won’t make any difference. Do the oil change when you get back home.

This assumes you’re not thousands of miles past due for an oil change.

WELL…to be perfectly honest. I haven’t had one in 5-6000 miles. I just don’t think about these things. I do check it and add oil as needed, but it didn’t dawn on me until today when I checked it again. The oil was very dark. I have a '93 pontiac grand am. I need to take this trip on the weekend and as a young lady things like this is at the bottom of my list…even though it should be at the top.

Before you leave for Chicago, write a BIG note to yourself and put it somewhere you can’t miss it. The note should read “GET OIL CHANGE ASAP!”

When you get home next week, read the note and follow the instructions you left for yourself.

Have a nice trip and don’t worry.

HaHaHaHa. Thank you. I will do that.

Highway driving is very easy on the oil, so if you check the level before you leave to make sure it’s up, you can do the change right after you get back.

Have a nice trip!!

Get one oil change when you can, and then do another when your odometer hits a number like 60,000 or 75,000. Then do the oil change at 5,000 mile intervals on the zero or 5. That way you are covered on a 5K oil change interval.

Other choice may be to track your annual mileage, and then decide if you need to do semi annual or quarterly oil change intervals. I put my mother in law on a quarterly interval because her memory for maintenance things was bad, and her driving habits (long trips, etc) were erratic and not predictable.

All good advice, also check your oil when you get to Chicago. If it’s been cold, there could be a fair amount of gasoline and water in the oil now, the level could drop a fair amount once the oil is thoroughly heated up.

Well you did not tell us what car you have. If it is a 1965 VW then you are way past the needed oil change and likely already have some damage. On the other hand if you have a 2002 NB Diesel VW you don’t need a change for at least another 4,000 miles.

The owner’s manual should list the oil change interval. Follow that instruction, but be sure to look into the severe service description to see if you need to change it more often than normal.

Years ago cars and oils were different, today most cars don't need oil changes anywhere close to as often as they did back in the 60's.  

Good Luck Have to fun trip.

'93 Grand Am, so 4-6K interval should be fine.