Oil Change

When my Navy son was deployed to Japan last summer, he left his 2001 A4 Audi Turbo in my custody. He told me to change the oil every 5,000 miles (and only use synthetic oil), but I’ve heard I can go 10,000 miles. True?

Typically, turbo-charged engines require oil changes more frequently than non-turbo engines. But, why take anyone’s opinion rather than the manufacturer’s requirement regarding maintenance procedures?

  1. Open the glove compartment
  2. Find the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule
  3. Read the details on oil changes, including both the mileage and elapsed time intervals for the oil change, as well as the specification for the motor oil.

Do you really want to “cheap out” on your son while he serves our country overseas?

I think the factory recommendation is 10,000 miles, but I’d just go with what he requested. It can’t cost all that much, unless you are putting an awful lot of miles on his car while he’s gone.

Don’t; For the sake of $50 you should not jeapardize a $5000 engine. Unless you drive your son’s car back and forth from Chicago to New Orleans at legal speeds every week, which is what the 10,000 miles is all about, do’t even think about it!!

There is also a time factor; you probably don’t take it out all that often, so the manufacturer’s time limits for changing would be violated as well, destroying whatever warranty is left.

We were overseas for 4 years and our son drove our 2 cars of and on, mstly to keep the batteries charged. He was instructed to change oil & filter every 3000 miles and put in Mobil 1 5W30, so the seasons would not be a factor.

I would comply with his request (it’s his engine). It would be interesting to see what the manufacturers required interval is, but I would consider that the absolute minimum requirement. I normally use 5000 miles with synthetic oil in my cars. Oil is cheap, engines are expensive.

first off; lucky you!!

the manual does say 10000 miles between, BUT… your son (who is the owner) wants it done more often. so, out of respect for him (and my respect for him serving his country) change it on his terms.

Don’t I know it! My last car was a 1999 Toyota Corolla! Thanks for your reply.

Some VW (including Audi) are funny about their oil requirements. At least some of the gasoline Audi’s have an issue with oil and if you try and cheap out with something less than they specify, you will be looking at sludge. I don’t recall what years and engines that included, but you do need real synthetic and if you have the owner’s manual check for the minimum specs for that oil.

Are you driving this car much?

The oil should be changed every year likely or 5000 miles(his request) whatever first.

I found it interesting with my wife’s turbo car a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT wagon that they specified normal driving to use every 6months or 7500 miles using dino oil. Fast forward to 2008, I noticed for 2008 they changed their tune and reverted this interval to 3750 miles on the same engine. Fortunately I always used between 3000-4500 miles for the car anyway and it leads a very easy life.

No . . not true. Little German gremlins will crawl out from under the seats and bite you in the ass if you don’t change the oil as requested. Sounds silly? Not nearly as silly as the question. If someone leaves something in your care and asks you to provide a certain type of care . . . why would you deviate from that standard and violate the trust he placed in you? I hope he doesn’t have kids . . . or a dog . . . or a house . . . or stocks . . . or a bank account . . . c’mon Dad, follow his direction. Rocketman


If you want to extend the life of the oil, go 10,000 miles.
If you want to extend the life of the engine, go 5,000 miles.
It’s your choice.

Oil cannot be too fresh, only too old.

I don’t care what the owners manual says…I would NEVER keep the oil in a car for 10k miles…ESPECIALLY one that’s turbo charged.

Just do what he asks. It is CHEAP insurance, because if ANYTHING GOES WRONG, ANYTHING!!! the first question he’s gonna ask is “did you change the oil, every 5000?”. You wanna be able to say without hesitation, YES!!

Remember: it’s better to change the oil too often rather than not enough. My old Honda takes it every 2500 miles or so, but then again its a 21 year old car. Look at the dipstick in your son’s car at 5k. What does the oil look like? Good oil is kind of an amber brown. If it’s time to be changed it’s more like a straight black color.