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Oil Change

How often should the oil be changed? The manual says every 3,000 miles. The husband says every 5,000 miles. We live in Colo 2 miles up a dirt road.

If the owner’s manual says every 3000 miles, do it at least that often. BTW, is your engine the 2.5 L turbo? The turbocharged engines often require more frequent oil changes. If your car does not have a turbocharger, check the owner’s manual to see if Subaru lists maintenance requirements for both engines. My Honda Accord manual shows both 4-cyl and 6-cyl requirements and you pick the ones for your engine.

Split the difference at every 4000 miles. Subaru spec’s every 3750 miles severe conditions. Dirt road = severe conditions.

I agree with about 4,000 miles. 5,000 miles is stretching it a bit too far down that dusty dirt road.

If your engine is the turbo, I’d also consider using a full synthetic oil like Mobil-1.