Extended car storage

My friend will be out of the country for 7 months, his car will be garaged and burns high test gas. He doesn’t think he needs to do any pre-storage amintenance. I think he ay least ahs to address to fuel sysyem. Help!

I would recommend some fuel stabilizer (high test gas is no different in this regard). Where is the car going to be stored? In his garage, in some commercial storage facility?

I would recommend calling the insurance agent. Generally you can cancel the collusion part of your insurance (that is the expensive part) while maintaining the comprehensive. That keeps you covered for fire theft etc. while not paying for accidents.

I recommend stabilizer for the fuel and a trickle charger for the battery. You should add the fuel stabilizer and then drive around a bit to get it into the entire fuel system.

Does your friend think his battery will hold a charge for 7 months?

Disconnecting the battery (AFTER he has the security code for the radio) would be a good idea, and I agree with the others on the suggestion of fuel stabilizer. It’s cheap insurance.