Oil change



my car has 9.5liters capacity with oil filter repleicment.it dos not have oil stick to check the lavel manualy.on my oil change invoice from the dealer was shoing 11qt. of oil wich total way more oil in my engine then the capacity. how mach oil is too mach and what problems it can make?


err…make, model, year and engine ?


You quote that your car can take 9.5 LITERS and that they charged you for 11 QUARTS. 1 liter is about 1.06 quarts. Your car would take about 10.07 quarts.

Maybe they added a little extra or charger you for an extra .93 quart. That small of an extra amount of oil sould not do any damage for a vehicle with that much oil in it anyway.


I’m curious about the type of car also with that type of oil capacity. And no dipstick?
There’s so little difference between 9.5 liters and 11 quarts it won’t hurt anything.


2008 BMWs 7.5qts. No stick,indicator in car,gives problems when sensor gets stuck when oil change interval is way over(6cyl) I would think same system on V-8s