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Oil capacity

I have a 2006 VW Jetta 2.0T. It has 45,500 miles. My last oil change was at 38,000 miles in June 2009. Yesterday my oil pressure light briefly came on but the low oil indicator light did not come on. So I let the car cool on a flat surface and checked the dipstick which was barely at minimum. I added 2 quarts of oil which brought the level between the min and max range on the dipstick. The owners manual states that the oil capacity with oil filter is 5.5 liters but the dealership receipt stated that only 4.5 liters was added during the last oil change. Should they have topped it off to 5.5 liters or is the car burning the oil at a faster rate? Should I change the oil more often than every 10,000 miles per the owners manual? I am not smelling oil nor is there oil on my garage floor. I drive equally in the city and autobahn (live in Germany but it is a US spec car and I have it serviced at a German VW dealership).

You’ve gone 5 months and 7,500 miles without once checking your oil? In a turbocharged car?

Allow me to suggest that you check the oil far more often, like perhaps once every few weeks. You might also want to check your owners’ manual for recommended mileage between changes. That seems awfully long for a T-charged engine.

You should also check the oil level after each oil change, just to doublecheck since oil is so essential. If you had you’d know the answer to your question. Considering that it’s just now at the fill mark, I’d bet money that it was properly filled when they did the oil change no matter what the shop slip says.

Postscript: Whoops! I screwed up my months. Make that 10 months instead of 5.

Stan…Apparently you’re not thinking with your dipstick :frowning:

Let me drop the suger-coating for you here a bit…what are the words I am looking for here…oh yeah-basically you are guilty of car abuse. Not bothering to check your oil level for 10 MONTHS is criminal-towards your car and soon enough towards your wallet. And on top of everything you have a turbo engine. Sheesh dude…
I am willing to bet you have a sludged engine too.

You should go change your oil ASAP. Do it with a good quality fully synthetic oil. Do this every 5k miles from now on. Check your level EVERY 2-3 weeks. If necessary keep a log of these checks in a small 5"x3" MemoBook which should stay in the glove compartment. Keep the oil level at the MAX mark on the dipstick. Please make sure you do not overfill, past the MAX mark. Too much oil in the crankcase is not good either.

I bet the 2 quarts of oil that remained in the crankcase looked like chocolate pudding…

You can say that again Caddyman…Most likely it looked like AND had the consistency of chocolate pudding.

The VW 2.0T engines are quite finicky…IIRC VW has started recom. a fully synthetic oil for it, after they had quite a few issues with engines sludging with regular oil. And on top of that, if you’re running it 2 quarts low, you’re pretty much guaranteed a sludged engine. The oil pressure light is always the precursor to engine trouble. That’s a shame for such a new car, with so few miles. Oh well…I guess this will be an expensive lesson for the OP.

The OP should either start pricing a used engine to replace the one that he has badly sludged in the Jetta or he may want to start shopping for the next car.