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Oil change interval for little-driven 2003 Nissan 350Z

I use synthetic oil and drive this car maybe 1000 miles/yr. How often should I change the oil?

Your Owner’s Manual should say something like “every X,000 miles or X months, whichever comes first.” I’d change it twice a year on principle.

My owners manual/maintenance schedule states to change the oil every 3 months/3,000 miles, I change my oil once a year/5,000 miles with modern conventional oil. Your specific use will be a factor in your oil change interval, you may not need to adhere to the “every 6 months” in your case.

I change once a year with synthetic oil. All 3 cars are driven about 3000 a year or less.

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I’d go once a year.


Yes, once a year makes sense. Contamination will be slight with such low mileage. On old style cars you would do a grease job once a year as well.

Is it stored in a controlled environment? If outdoors I would consider spring and fall.

Depends on if you make a lot of short trips or a few longer ones.
If you’re driving almost every day I’d say every 6 months.
If it’s ten 50 mile trips a year I’d say every 2 years.