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Synthetic Oil for My Nissan

I have a 2003 Nissan Murano with 126K on it. I seem to be changing my oil about every 7-8 weeks. I drive about 25k a year & 80% is Highway. My question is, should I use a synthetic oil to eliminate my frequent changes & would this oil be okay for my Nissan?

Using synthetic oil doesn’t mean you get to extend your oil change intervals. You still go by whatever schedule the manufacturer recommends in terms of the mileage/time intervals.

My calculations tell me you’re changing oil ~ every 4,000-4,500 miles.

What is the recommended oil change interval in the owner’s manual? Most vehicles have longer change intervals. Both of my cars specify oil changes at 7,500 miles, although I change it at 5K.

You can’t stretch the intervals by using synthetic oil, but I think you may be changing oil more often than necessary.

Every 3 months (instead of every 2) would be about 6000 miles. Seems reasonable for mostly highway.
Unless you run in temperature extremes I vote for conventional oil.

If you have the manual I bet you the non-severe oil change interval is likely 7500 miles. You fall into that bucket for sure. I would just extended them with conventional or synthetic to that interval, which you are more comfortable with.

Thank you.

thx, I thought about that

3,750 Miles

People who have had their oil tested do not all agree with you on this.

Nearly all of the oil analysis reported on ‘Bob is the oil guy’ are for synthetic oils.

I’m still looking for one person on the web who has done UOA of conventional vs synthetic.
A comparison with the same engine and similar driving conditions.

The car manufacturers who designed the engines give no difference in oil change interval if you’re using regular dyno or synthetic.