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Oil change interval

2005 corolla, 34,000 mi. What is suggested

oil change interval if driving about 100

miles a month? interval for regular oil and



6 months is optimal with regular oil but 12 months is fine. Don’t waste your money on synthetic.

Did you just buy this car. If not what interval have you been using?

Toyota has now standardized all intervals at 5000 miles, regardless of driving style or distance. That’s a reduction for the 8000 or so in the past, which contributed to sludging problems.

Do what your OWNER’S MANUAL says.

Personally, for this type of driving, I would change oil and filter twice per year, spring and fall. And I would use good grade of 5W30 oil, unless you live in Alaska, where you might want a synthetic 0W3. My mother-in-law drives the same amount and twice a year oil changes work well for her.

The interval for synthetic and regular oil is the same; with your type of driving, additive depletion determines oil life. Synthetic has no more additives than regular oil.

As long as the car is under warranty? you should follow the manual.

I would use the oil specified in the owner’s manual and change the oil and filter once each year. There is no need to use synthetic oil in this vehicle.

Check the owner’s manual. It likely will say change oil every X miles or X months whichever comes first. In your cars that will be X months. Stick with the oil recommended in the owner’s manual. Brand is not important, but be sure it meets the specifications and if it says synthetic, use synthetic. if it does not say, then don’t worry.

I do 3000 miles on the old cars and 5000 on the new one or 6 months. Usually the computer says 50% by then. I don’t like going below 50%. Just standard oil if fine.

Change it once a year in the spring, even though you only drove 1200 miles. If “winter driving conditions” don’t apply to you, then once every 2 years will be fine, 2400 miles…

I have similar driving miles on my civic and change my oil every 3~4 months. My trips are mostly less than 5 miles. Since it’s my only vehicle, I’d rather pay $25 every 3~4 months and not worry about it. Oil is cheap, engine replacement is not.