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Oil change for JCW 2006 Mini Cooper S

I recently purchased this very cool Mini in mint condition. Now it’s time for an oil change and, although I could take it to a dealer (BMW of Manhattan) for this routine procedure, I would like to save some $$ and use a qualified, yet less expensive shop. Any other options in and around Manhattan?

Do it yourself?

Check “The Mechanics Files” on the Car Talk home page. You can search by zip code and car make. Perhaps you can find an independent mechanic and save some money.

Well, I am a girl, and was never properly schooled in the automotive crafts, so do it yourself is not an option, unfortunately!

However, I did follow up on mcparadise’s advice and found a good auto shop within 6 miles of my home. Thank you!

Check that they use the specific oil required by your very-high-output engine. It will be listed in your manual.

The only thing I will add is that based on your comment about Manhattan this vehicle could see a lot of city driving, endless sitting at lights and stuck in traffic, etc. and you should change the oil/filter on a very regular basis. This may mean 3k miles or 3/4 months, whichever comes first.

That type of driving is very tough on a vehicle and engine oil/filters are much cheaper than new engines.