MINI garage, anyone?

Can anyone recommend a knowledgeable, reliable MINI repair facility in the greater Boston area? I have been using the dealership for virtually everything since buying my 2004 Cooper in 2006, but over 100K miles later, it’s getting more and more onerous (read: pricey) to keep up that habit. But I understand they have some quirks (can’t even get oil changed at JiffyLube & the like), so I wonder if anyone can point me in a good direction. I live in Needham, work in Acton, but will investigate any potential winners. Thanks in advance.

I can’t be specific as I don’t live in Boston area. I’d suggest you look for a foreign car specialty shop that does a lot of work on BMW’s. The Mini is basically a BMW as far as design and shares some parts. Such a shop should be easily able to handle the quirks of a Mini.

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Any shop that can service BMW’s can service a MINI. Any decent shop should be able to handle 95% of what you could ever need done on this car, and sometimes the real shops charge less for an oil change than JL and their competitors, although it will still be expensive. Just be sure whomever changes the oil in your MINI uses the correct European spec synthetic.