Oil change before trip south

I will be driving our 2007 Jeep Patriot to Myrtle Beach in the next two weeks. I am scheduled for an oil change in approximately 1000 miles. The drive to Myrtle Beach is 679 miles one way. We will obviously drive around there for the week and drive the 679 miles home. Should I get the oil changed before I leave or when I return? Does it matter? I have always changed the oil after 3000 miles. The Patriot has about 33000 miles on it. We generally put about 250 miles on it a week.

You’ll Put On More Miles Than You Think You Will And Since You Are Concerned Enough To Ask About This, The More Miles You Go Beyond That 1,000 Miles Will Bother You. For Peace Of Mind, Change It Before You Go.

It’s a no-brainer. Change it. Go in peace.


Get the oil changed before the trip. And ask while they’re changing the oil if they could give the vehicle a quick inspection because you’re about to make this trip.

But don’t bring it to a quicky oil change place to have this done. These guys have a hard enough time just getting an oil change done correctly.


My vote is also for doing it beforehand. To each their own, but before every trip that I’ve ever taken I change the oil/filter and other things such as spark plugs, trans fluid, and the fuel filter if it’s been a while since it was done.
Inspection of the accessory belt(s) and tire pressure including the spare is also a must.

I think that as long as you check your oil regularly it won’t make a bit of difference. The advantage if you do it now is, as Tester noted, someone can give other things a once over before you leave.

You will never notice any difference in total engine life whether you change it before or after the trip.