Oil Blends

For years, I’ve only used conventional oil in my cars and have changed 2500-3000 miles. Now I’ve used 1 qt of synthetic and the remainder as conventional making my own blend. Does anyone know what percent synthetic is in say valvoline durablend or castrol syntec blend??? I’ve heard maybe 10% on this board years ago but does any really know/work for these companies to say how much synthetic is contained in the blends?? if it’s 10%, it would be better to buy 3-4 qts of conventional and one full synthetic and mix them yourself. Thanks in advance. Sorry to beat a dead horse again (another oil question).

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IMO, synthetic blend oils are only as good as the inferior ingredient. The regular oil. This is the same as adding a pint of Johnnie Walker gold label whiskey to a bottle of Canadian Club whiskey. The Johnnie Walker isn’t going to make the Canadian Club taste any better.


Yes, not worth the trouble, especially if you’re changing every 3k. I can imagine no benefit.