Motor oil question

My question is on GTX motor oil. There is a synthetic blend formula and a part synthetic formula. I know that the blend formula has only about 10 percent synthetic in the mixture. How much is in the part formula? I could not find the answer on the internet.

Huh . . . ?

“synthetic blend formula and a part synthetic formula.”

The way, that’s worded, I would expect none of them have a high synthetic percentage

Why not just get full synthetic?

Most motor oils nowadays are at least partly synthetic. My guess by the wording is the “synthetic blend” would be more synthetic.

Depending on your vehicle, why use synthetic or part synthetic when straight mineral oil might work well?

Part synthetic was developed to keep the cost down while still meeting the Viscosity range requirements which for a 0W30 would have been impossible with no synthetic at all. Any oil starting with 0W has to be at least part synthetic, and more than 10%, wherever you got this figure.

I agree that the relative cost of synthetics has come down and I would go full synthetic in any case. The new 0W20 oils work hard and I would get the best 0W20 synthetic I could find.

We’ve had this discussion before and I believe there are no current standards for how much synthetic needs to be in there for labeling as a blend. To me a 10% blend is worthless. Either go mineral oil or a full synthetic at about the same cost as a blend. Mobil 1 is what I use.

“To me a 10% blend is worthless. Either go mineral oil or a full synthetic at about the same cost as a blend.”

I agree.
If my car required synthetic oil (it doesn’t), I would pay for the real thing, rather than a blend of synthetic and dino oil. If the specs for the OP’s car call for regular “dino” oil, there is nothing to be gained by using a blend which actually contains very little synthetic oil.

You might find this link interesting.

thank’s everybody. I was just wondering why GTX brand had both a blend label and a part synthetic label on there containers. I checked the back of there containers at walmart and there was no difference explained.

It’s mainly because the executives don’t talk to the engineers and without brains at the top some companies lose their way. Castrol may still be a good product but they shouldn’t go out of their way to cause so much doubt. Gear heads like us WHO ARE BUYING quarts of oil aren’t impressed with what if labeling.