Oil additives/high mileage oil

I have an 02 Spectra with 181,000 miles and I am considering adding either some Lucus oil stabilizer or Prolong along with some high mileage oil. Are either additives and/or the high mileage oil advantages considering the miles on this korean kompact?

I like Lucas OT. It may be nothing more than a placebo but it may be part of the reason I got 300,000 out of my Taurus.

If you read the information regarding additives at http://www.BobIsTheOilGuy.com you’ll never pour anything other than motor oil into your vehicle’s engine.

If additives were required after a certain mileage the owner’s manual would specify which additive you should use.

They are not needed, and neither are “high mileage” oils. It’s all just marketing.

Here’s a link specifically to the oil additives info:


Save all the money and use either half a quart of straight 30 weight oil or a whole quart with your oil change or before if you are using oil. That doesn’t mean to overfill it. It’s a lot cheaper.

What is the problem you are trying to address? If you aren’t having problems, just keep changing the oil as per your owners manual. Rocketman

Why do you think it needs some kind of additive? Nothing you told us about your car would indicate that it needs or would profit from an additive. Modern oils are really great products. They generally don’t need any help.

I would guess that after removing the placebo effect, there is as much harm as good done by additives.

I’ve NEVER been a fan of any additives…especially for oil. Why too many snake-oil products out there. Slick-50 is the BIGGEST of them all…and it’s complete crap. I wouldn’t put one drop of that stuff in any vehicle I ever owned. So now comes along Lucus Oil Stabilizer or Prolong…Same snake-oil marketing.

If you haven’t needed any of these additives after 181k miles…why do you think you need them now???

High mileage oil might be useful to mitigate a leaking crank or camshaft seal.
A thick additive might slow down oil burning.
Both of these are band-aids.
Otherwise, if the engine is in good shape you put the same stuff in at 200,000 as you’d put in at 20,000: what the mfr called for.