Off-Road Conversion



Ok, I have a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a 6-cylinder engine and the NV-247 Quadra Trac 2 4-wheel drive system and I am trying to figure out how to make this a Dual Transfer Case, but I have no clue what to buy or how to do it. I just bought a new car and I am making my Jeep a Toy fun Off-roading car. I just swapped my Axles for a Dana 44 heavy duty in front and Rear, I am looking to add lockers but Also do not know where to start with that either.

If anyone could help give and me me rough costs that would be GREAT!


do a search for jeep forums,they know jeeps inside and out,and deal with that product on a regular basis ARB also has great info on the topic



You will find lots of Jeep magazines at the book store or supermarket.


Go with air lockers, they are selectable so it gives you the best of both worlds on-road and off road. If you have a full time 4WD set up, swap it out for a part time unit, it will be much more robust. I’d recommend a New Process 205, it has a gear driven low range. You’ll need an adapter for it to fix, check out Advance Adapters, they will have the necessary parts. Expect to sepnd about $1500 for the air lockers, another $1200 for the transfer case & adapter. Also keep in mind the that Grand Cherokee is unibody so it’ll be expensive to repair if you have a incident that results in body damage. Good luck.