4x4 Locking rear

95 Jeep Cherokee. Can i get some input on putting a rear locker in my jeep. What are my options? I would like to be able to lock and unlock manually. Cost? Time? ect.

Wrong site?

The cost of doing this will exceed the value of your Jeep…I’m not sure remote control differentials even exist…

I doubt the cost to be that extreme. I do believe there are air activated lockers. Then there are detroit lockers? …

They do make electronically controlled rear diffs for switching from an open to a locking rear diff. However not for Jeep. And they’re not cheap. http://www.jegs.com/p/Auburn-Gear/Auburn-Gear-ECTED-Electronically-Controlled-Differential/755375/10002/-1?sendroicid=bbef8492-2d00-41d6-b158-38db0de2603c&sendroiad=6447162791&sendroikwd=Electronically+Controlled+Differential&gclid=CODF19vF1aUCFQJN4AodESB3kg


Thanks. Looks like im going to have to into jeep research mode

PowerTrax No Slip Traction System $449

Not a true locker but 2-3hrs installation time…looks relatively easy. Calls for a specific synthetic oil {Richmond Synthetic) Im guessing the correct weight is more important than the brand

Yes…i talk to myself from time to time…

How can i figure out the gear ratio without pulling cover? is it coded in VIN #?

I know there Dana 35’s

I can vouch for the PowerTrax No Slip. I have one on my Bronco. It’s very streetable, and performs well off road. The OP may also want to look in an air locker if/she want’s an on-demand locker.

Copy that. Thanks