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Odyssey Transmission

Purchased a rebuilt tranny for 2000 Odyssey. Got car back, looked at the tranny and it had parts that were several tones e.g some parts looked new, others did not. It was dirty. leaking some oil. How can I tell it was really rebuilt and not just repaired?

A rebuilt transmission should definately not be leaking oil. I would take it back and inquire about this. As far as parts looking dirty and other parts looking clean, If this trans was “rebuilt” the rebuilder should be ashamed of himself. Disassembling and re-assembling a dirty transmission case is dangerous. Any small particle getting into an automatic can be devastating. I dont even use shop rags on any of my rebuilds because a small piece of lint from a rag can get stuck in a valve body and cause a shift valve or regulator valve not to move properly because of such close tolerances. I ONLY use compressed air to dry parts after vatting or after it spends time in the solvent tank. If rebuilt properly, that transmission should have been completely disassembled and every part, including the case should have been vatted. It sounds like, in your case, you got a used transmission with some new parts installed on it. I doubt very highly that trans was ever disassembled. A transmission shop should be able to look at it and tell whether it has been disassembled. I would get a second opinion. Let us know what you find out.