Odometer tampering?

Is it possible for the odometer to be disconnected and the speedometer work fine? I suspect my truck was used without my permission while it was in the body shop for minor repairs. The truck was at the location for over 30 days.

So you can’t confirm your suspicion with odometer readings,why are you feeling that the unauthorized user would be concerned with maintaining a functioning speedo?

Figured he wanted to know how fast he was going. The odometer worked fine prior to going to the shop.

He’s going to deliberately sabotage your truck to go on a joyride, but speeding is going to bother him?

EDIT: Also, to answer your question, depending on what year your Ranger it probably isn’t possible. The one scenario I’d imagine is if you had a newer one with a digital odometer and the shop has one of the devices for changing the computer mileage, he could have driven around and then set the odometer back to where it was before. It seems a little far fetched, though-- why do you suspect it?