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Odo catalyst odo evap

Three weeks ago my check engine light came on. Went To get it fixed and the problem was a vacuum hose wasn’t connected properly. When I got back-to get my car the hose was fixed and the check engine light was Fixed. A week after that I went to go get my smog done so I can get my registration and the operator said I failed. Give me the piece of paper that stated Odo catalyst and Odo evap. The guy told me I needed to drive around for about a 100 MI and come-back and get it tested. I did that and 3 days later I came back-and had a test again. It failed with the same reasoning but next to the reasoning it’s had not completed on both of them. So I went to a mechanic and he said it could possibly be the catalytic converter and that we would have to get it tested to see if that was The case. He also recommended go getting A02 sensor liquid cleaner drive around to into your tank. So yesterday I went back for my appointment and the lead mechanic said there’s no such test and we can’t figure out why those to Come-up. How I have no idea what is causing these failures and I have to register my car next week but I have to get up past small to get that done. I’m out of options so can somebody please help me Obi greatly appreciated

Your phrasing and terminology are confusing me . . .

That said, I think I know what you’re getting at

After the vacuum hose was reconnected, the fault codes were cleared, which extinguished the check engine light

By clearing the fault codes, all of the readiness monitors automatically reset to “incomplete”

A week later you went to get the car smogged, and the catalytic converter and evaporative emissions monitors were still incomplete

In a sense, the truck failed the smog inspection, because of incomplete readiness monitors

Your catalytic converter and oxygen sensor have not failed. you don’t have any failures, in fact.

You simply haven’t driven the truck in the proper method to result in the completion of those readiness monitors

I suggest you do a google search on how to set readiness monitors, specifically catalytic converter

I’m not sure what year your Explorer is, but in all likelihood, if you show up with all monitors complete, except for evap . . . which can be quite difficult to complete . . . the truck will be considered ready for testing, at which point you’ll most likely pass, unless you fail the tailpipe test, the inspector detects tampering, missing emissions components, etc.

To sum it up . . . I believe if you concentrate on only completing the cat monitor, and ignore the evap monitor, for now, you’ll be good to go, when you show up at the smog testing facility again

Most test facilities allow you one incomplete monitor. But depending on your location, model year, etc., that incomplete monitor can NOT be catalytic converter

Do NOT throw parts at the truck

Do NOT clear the codes again, in an effort to “start anew”

Do NOT use any “cleaner” in your tank

concentrate on completing that cat monitor

you’re almost there


Thank you very very much.

Please let us know how it all works out, even if it takes several days to get back to us

The catalyst monitor typically needs a drive at steady, moderate speed ~50-60 mph for perhaps 10 miles.
The EVAP monitor typically needs the vehicle to sit for several hours (like overnight) with the gas tank not too near full or empty, like 1/4 to 3/4 full and moderate temperature.

Google “Ford Explorer drive cycle” and Ford will explain how to get your monitors to run.