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Odd stuttering behavior in my 2007 BMW X3 3.0

Hi community, I have experienced an odd behavior once today & once yesterday, while driving my 2007 BMW X3 3.0. Each time, I was RAPIDLY pulling onto a busy street, from a side street…I accelerated fairly aggressively from the intersection, moving across lanes of oncoming traffic and into the main traffic lanes on the far side. My SUV was driving without any issues up until that point. As i accelerated, the car began to stutter (shudder?), and the 'Service Engine Soon" light came on instantly. The car continued to drive, but struggled to maintain speed/acceleration. I pulled over to a full stop as soon as I could, and turned the engine off. After a couple of minutes, I turned the car back on, and the diagnostic light was no longer on, and the car resumed driving normally as before. Any ideas why this sudden acceleration is causing the Service Engine light to come on, and this odd driving behavior? Thanks for all your advice.

Have your codes read at Autozone. When the SES light comes on, the computer stores the code that made it illuminate. Autozone will read them for free (unless you’re in California). They’ll be in a format like “P1234.” Make sure you get that format, and not the clerk’s interpretation of what the code means. Post the code(s) here

Shadowfax, Advance Auto Parts store identified 3 codes: P0597 (thermostat heater circuit?), P0306 (cylinder 6 misfire), & P0302 (cylinder 2 misfire).

I would recommend swaping the coilpacks on cylinders 2 and 1, and the coil packs on cylinders 6 and 5. Then have Autozone clear the codes. Then when you get the SES light again, have them read the codes again. If P0302 changes to P0301 and P0306 changes to P0305 you have bad coil packs and need to replace them.

You also most likely need a new thermostat - there’s a little heater in your thermostat that makes it open faster than it would naturally - that heater has burned out.

Wow, three codes and the SES light was off? Most cars would require several drive cycles to reset any of those codes.

Are these systems related to the emission controls warranty that is 8 years on all cars sold in the US? Maybe they are covered.

Wow, three codes and the SES light was off? Most cars would require several drive cycles to reset any of those codes.

It’s a BMW. From personal experience with a late-model X3, nothing a BMW does or fails to do with regard to anything involving the electrical/computer systems surprises me.

I’ve read all the posts, and appreciate the suggestions. I’m waiting to get my car in to an independent mechanic, for their diagnosis & eventual repairs. While its been an amazing vehicle for me for a long time, it now has about 110k miles, and its beginning to pile on me at this point (rear breaks need replacement, 1 rear spring broken, someone knocked off the driver side rear view mirror yesterday x-(, etc).