Odd Noise

I hear an odd vibrating noise in my front end from time to time. Mechanics can’t find anything mechanically wrong.

The Explorer’s Exhaust System Is One Of Many Places To Check For A Vibration Noise.

Sometimes gently kicking a tailpipe from side to side to set the exhaust system jiggling can replicate a noise there. For safety reasons make sur the car has cooled thoroughly first. Heat shields around the exhaust components or materials inside a catalytic convereter can sometimes become loose and vibrate.

Does it make the noise parked ?
Does it make the noise moving ?
In “Park” ?
In “Drive” ?
While going slow ?
While going fast ?
While turning ?
While going straight ?
When first started ?
When fully warmed up ?
All of the above ?
None of the above ?
Other ?


Its a Standard Shift. It only makes the noise when moving, usually over 30 MPH (or 50K). Usually when going straight. It’s intermittent and brief. I was thinking perhaps it had something to do with a heat shield. It sounds like metal vibrating.