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Whooping Explorer

My 2006 Explorer frequently makes a loud whooping/whining sound that lasts momentarily. Does anyone know what it is?

Fan clutch my first guess, if while the engine is off is there play pushing the fan blade from front to back? Waiting to hear this is not applicable if so I apologize in advance.

The first step is to try to localize where that noise is emanating from.
Is the noise coming from underneath the hood?
Or, does it seem to be emanating from a different location?
And, telling us the exact circumstances when you hear this noise would be helpful.

Do you hear this noise while the vehicle is parked?
Or, do you hear it while driving?
If so, at what speed(s)?
Does it occur when you apply the brake?

And you were wondering where your mother-in-law was…

Seriously, VDC has given you good advice.

Thanks…fan blade seems sound.

The sound is not from under the hood but seems to come from inside…behind the front seats. Can occur anytime while the vehicle is underway or stopped at idle, but not when braking.

Amazing how far we go when diagnosing things unseen, my guess now a loose heat sheild on the exhaust system, or is it related to a fan for the rear hvac, can not tell from here.

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That’s a good clue, because it eliminates the running gear and brakes and at least isolates the possible causes to things that are operating while the car is stationary.

Since you’ve described it as a whooping/whining sound, and it occurs when idling, I’d suggest popping the hood and trying to listen for the source of the sound. Sound can propagate and fool you as to its origin.

The fan for the rear HVAC is a good possibility too. Perhaps listening carefully for the sound’s origin from the back seat while having a friend operate the HVAC controls will yield the sound’s source.

I had a weird one a couple of weeks ago, every time on a slow right hand turn I would get a drdrdrdr sound, ended up one of the golf clubs in the trunk was hitting the on switch on the air pump lying loose in the back, not hard enough to keep it on but only fireing off on slow right hand turns.

I don’t know why a transmission might make that sound, but according to CarComplaints, that is the number one issue with all 2006 Explorers. I’d start listening there.

Inside? Or from underneath?