Odd gasoline smell while driving


I own a 2000 Buick Regal, and have recently come across a gasoline smell while driving. While taking a longer drive, I realized that it would heavily smell like gasoline when I would go from park or from a stop. It really makes me nervous to drive my car not knowing what could be causing this problem. Would you have any ideas of what is going on?

is the gas cap on tight at least 3 clicks? if its tight get the car to your mechanic and have them inspect the car any leaks, be carefull it may pay to have it towed to the shop

The gas smell might be coming from a leaking fuel injector O-ring. It takes very little gas dripping onto the hot engine to create that smell.


One important question: is it really raw gas or exhaust fumes?
Many people get the two confused.

Hard to say. You need someone to do a visual check. Could be a leak anywhere from the fuel tank up to the injectors. Also, a rich mixture could result in gasoline odors coming out the tailpipe. That could be caused by a air/fuel problem, like a faulty O2 sensor.