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Odd Brand Tire

I hit a curb today, which busted one of my front tires. All 4 tires were Goodyear Vivas. The tire shop did not carry Goodyear Viva tires, so they installed a Cooper Starfire. The new tire is the same size as the other 3, but will the different brand of tire make a difference while driving? Most of my driving is within an urban area, I do very little highway driving. If I must change the other 3, I’m okay with it. That tire was on the rear of my car until a few months ago when the tires were rotated.

Nothing to worry about here so relax.

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Cool, and thanks again for your car wisdom.

Tread design and tire compound can effect vehicle handling under certain driving conditions.

What should have been done is install a pair of different tires instead of one different tire.


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I got ya, but when the weather is rainy, or snowy, I stay home with the car in my driveway.

The Cooper’s are fine, but I agree w/Tester’s comment, safer and better handling and easier on the transaxle to have matching pairs, left and right. They can be different front/rear, but left/right should be the same tire and as close to the same amount of wear as possible. If you can’t manage that now, work towards it over time, and keep the unmatched pair on the non-powered wheels.

Not knowing if it is RWD, AWD, FWD, or 4WD, its impossible to say. At least two tires should be matched on the same axle but if AWD, its important that all four tires have reasonably the same wear. So I guess I’d be inclined to just find another Viva but check the owner’s manual or dealer for whether four are needed.


I picked up a screw in the right rear tire of a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander that I used to own. The screw was too close to the sidewall to repair the tire. I needed to get to a workshop some 35 miles away. A Big O tire store was open at 7:30 am so I had the tire replaced with the house brand Big O. The rest of the tires were the original equipment Good Year. I was going to match the tire on the left rear when I got back home, but the van drove and handled o.k., so I didn’t do anything.

Isn’t Goodyear Viva exclusive to Walmart . . . ?

I’m with Bing on this.
I should add that if the vehicle is FWD, I’d want to put the odd tire back on the rear of the vehicle such that the drive axle tires are balanced. Differences in tread, compound, and rolling circumference can make traction, braking, and handling differences, and they’ll have less effect on the rear axle.


Just in case you’re interested .