Different Tires

I wrecked a tire on my 2010 Honda CR-V on a trip and replaced it with the same size tire of another make but the same traction rating. When I got home the dealer said the original make of tire was no longer available. The dealer told me to buy a second tire of that make and put it on the opposite side. Does having different brand tires with the same traction rating on the front and the rear present problems for the 4WD and the CR-V’s handling?

Even though the “traction rating” is the same I would follow your dealers advice. Different tires on the front and rear is not the best for vehicle handling. Ideally…all tires need to be the same all the way around.

In addition to the safety factor relating to using tires of different makes, there is the issue of the AWD mechanism. Most AWD mechanisms can become damaged by using tires from differing manufacturers, but the biggest problem for AWD systems is a difference in tread depth (and thus, the circumference) from one tire to another.

Generally speaking the limit is a difference of 2/32 of an inch from one tire to another. So, if there is more than a few thousand miles of wear on your “old” tires, the difference between them and the new tire will lead to very expensive damage to various AWD components. And, since this type of situation falls under the definition of “owner negligence”, warranties do not cover this type of damage.

It would be cheaper to purchase matching tires than it would be to pay for repair/replacement of the center differential and possibly other AWD components.

What is important is that the circumference of all four tires is within 1/4" of each other. It’s always best to buy tires as a set of four, but at least in pairs…having one odd tire is not ideal…

What type of spare do you have? Does it match the original tires?

Thanks for the feedback. The spare is no help - it’s one of those treaded bagels.

Tire Rack will shave a tire if you ask them to. They will shave up to 4/32"; maybe more. They don’t normally advertise this, but they do it in support of the racing community. Mention it on the phone if you buy tires from them.