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Four brand new tires for my SUV?

Is it possible? Four brand new tires for my SUV because I got a flat on one and the manufacturer no longer makes this brand of tire? The tire guy says I need to get four tires - all the same brand on the vehicle or risk transmission problems. My dealership tells me I can put four different tires on and it won’t make a difference. I’m inclined to believe my dealership. Foolhardy?

What make and model? What kind of transmission? What kind of 4wd/awd system?

You DO need 4 tires of equal size and roughly even wear on most vehicles, but likely do not need 4 new tires (unless they are worn out). Maybe 2 new tires to have matching fronts and matching rears?

I think that the right answer is somewhere in the middle of the dealership and the tire guy–they both sound wrong.

Check your owner’s manual. You may have to disable the awd system while using a spare tire.

Make, model, year, and type of 4wd would be helpful. In lieu of this I suggest opening the Owner’s Manual, it should have the information you need.

It depends on the system. The full time AWD drive on a Subaru is very sensitive to differences in wheel diameter/circumference. The part time 4wd system (off-road only) on my 2000 Blazer is less sensitive, but I replace all four tires at a time anyway.

Who provided the info at the car dealer, a service writer or a proper mechanic? If the former, take the info with a grain of salt.

Some AWD does not take nicely to mismatched tires.

Mismatches in tires is totally vehicle dependent. Let us know what you drive.

Thank you for your responses. Sorry I didn’t provide the make / model. 2010 Honda CR-V. The owner’s manual unfortunately isn’t helpful as they suggest the size should be consistent which they are…The information from the car dealership came from the manager at the service center. The tire guy is the owner and told me he’d get it in writing from the dealership that they don’t care that the tires are uniform. I think mleich you’re right in that two matching fronts and two matching rears will be the way I go. Just couldn’t figure out the logic for ALL four tires to be replaced but heard it from actually two tire guys before I went to the dealership with the question. Thank you!

Pretty sure the CR-V is an AWD system. And if so then you’ll need 4 new tires.

Some tire shops will shave the new tire to match the existing tires. I’ve only heard about it…don’t know of any shops around where I live that do it.

Your SUV is pretty new and likely only has a few miles on it. A tire of the same size would likely be OK. The problem is this, if the mismatch tire causes damage to the drive train (transfer case, either differential, or transmission) you would not get warranty coverage for a very expensive repair. That is why I would also get the dealer agents claim of “no problem” in writing and have the dealer replace the tire and keep all your receipts in case there is a problem someday.

The only way I would try this is if I found a tire shop that would ‘shave’ the new tire to the same circumference as the existing tires. Even then, I don’t like the idea, because the different tire could wear out faster or slower than the existing tire, causing problems later.

What is the exact brand/model/size of tire? Have you checked around for it at different shops? At and Seems odd for such a new tire to be unavailable.

If you search the internet you might find the OEM tire in a different tire shop in your area, or maybe or has one. You can have the tire delivered to anyone you like. If you use the dealer, tell them where to get the tire and they can buy it if they prefer.

Thank you all. Yes, Mikeinnh, it is an AWD and Uncle Turbo? My SUV is pretty new yet has 27K miles on it. And texases and jt sanders? it is odd that the tires that came with the car are no longer available. The dealership tells me they sometimes have the same tires, just different names and that is probably what is happening here. I am going to the dealership - have them put two new tires on the back, ask them to put it in writing and cross my fingers they are right. Thanks again. You have all been most helpful

I just would not trust anything any dealership told me. Their ‘same tires with different names’ sounds wrong to me. You need to look on your own for tires. If you’ll tell us the make, model, and size, we can give you some quick info on them.

As for two new tires in the back, that is a BAD idea with 27k miles on the tires. I’m surprised the dealer would do this.

I would be very surprised if this isn’t spelled out in the owners manual. If there’s a problem with using different size tire in a AWD system (which I think there is)…then there’s going to be a warning about it in the owners manual.

tire shop is out to cover itself. Since you have 27k miles on it, replacing 1 tire would be a bad idea. If you had 2700 miles on it, it might be a different game. With AWD, you do need 4 matching tires or you’ll risk damaging the center differential and/or transmission.
Say you only replaced the 1 tire instead of 4. You start to hear some bad grinding noises and get it checked out. They tell you you need to replace the center differential to the tune of $3000, and that it’s because of the mismatched tires that it broke. You go back to yell at the tire shop because they didn’t say you needed 4 new tires. They are then liable for the damage and have to shell out their money for your broken car.

Just wanted to add - the damage to your transmission won’t show up right away - it will bite you later when you least expect it… definitely get the 4 new tires now - it will save you grief later. sorry…

I think some of the hype of 4 matching identical brand and tread pattern tires on all AWD cars is overblown. All the differentials are affected by is the rolling diameter of the tires. Also , if this CRV is anything like my Son’s 98 it is basically a front drive car with a automatic part time rear drive that engages the rear when it detects slippage. You probably spend very little time with it engaged.
Next the “experts” will caution us about making the same number of right and left turns to avoid burning out our differentials.

As I said before, they’re merely trying to protect themselves from potentially having to pay for damage done to the car due to owner neglect.

This paragraph is directly from 2010 CR-V manual:

It is best to replace all four tires at
the same time. If that is not possible
or necessary, replace the two front
tires or two rear tires as a pair.
Replacing just one tire can seriously
affect your vehicle’s handling.

If the manual makes not mention nor the Honda dealer I think you are okay to replace in sets.

The only AWD that is sensitive and interestingly the best ones in tough conditions out there are Audi and Subaru.

Here is what posted:
Audi As published in their vehicle owner’s manual, “rolling radius of all 4 tires must remain the same” or within 4/32-inch of each other in remaining tread depth.

Porsche Cayenne within 30% of the other tire on the same axle’s remaining treadwear.

Subaru Within 1/4-inch of tire circumference or about 2/32-inch of each other in remaining tread depth.

The CRV uses glorified FWD with a kick of rear wheels when needed. So majority of driving you don’t have 4 being powered.

Andrew - true, but what ‘kicks in’ the rear wheels is when there’s a difference in speed between the front and rear axles. With 2 tires half worn out (27 k miles) and 2 new ones, that could be all the time, chewing it up.

Oldtimer 11 and Andrewj Has it right. AWD needs the same brand and size only. You cant mixed size or brand. Also same brand means same type. All 4 tires turn at different rates anyways. That being said you sill need all the tires to be close in circumference. I would say if the tires have over half of their tread you can put a new one on. Less than half go pairs or replace all. Remember it may say AWD but its one front and one rear driving at anytime.

Texases that difference is not enough to cause it to power the rear wheels. It has more to do with traction than speed. IE lose traction on the front wheels and power go’s to the rear wheels too. Or has I said 1 front and 1 rear.