Occasional Rough Idle

I have a 4Cyl '08 Camry with 50K miles on it. Every now and then it decides to idle very roughly. The car accelerates and cruises normally without a miss. I have tried the “induction system cleaning” that was recommended by the dealer. I also tried switching to a different brand and higher grade of gas. Still happens occasionally. Clears up by itself and then recurs days later. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thanks. I have one but the problem is intermittent. Can’t ever seem to duplicate it when the car is in for service.

Contact Toyota corporate’s customer service people. Whenever a dealership is unable to rectify a problem with a car that is under warranty, it is time to “kick it up a notch” to the corporate level.

In your Owner’s Manual, you will find both a toll-free telephone number and an address for contacting the customer service staff.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.