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Obd2 n vin #

does all 1996 and above obd 2 vehicles be able to read the vin # if you have a scan tool with vin # reader capacity.

Yea, sure, huh?

Are you asking if the VIN appears on OBD2 vehicles when you are in the correct field with a scanner? I would say yes for all I have tried. You hook your BMW up to their scanner at the Dealer and info such as what you had for lunch is sent to Mission Control so it’s a good bet the VIN goes also.

Lets us know what you need to know,perhaps things work better for you that way.

An emissions test Switch-R-Roo perhaps…Who would do such a thing…??

I think you may be on to something, but in that case the OP should ask “does the VIN displayed on the scanner have to match the VIN of the car” or " does the vehicles VIN move with the PCM when you put it in another car or does the scanner display the VIN of the car it is scanning regardless of what PCM is installed"?

Um, if such a thing exists, sure. But, are you sure VIN is fed out the OBDII? I never heard of that. If so, it’s new to me.

You can buy an OBD-II scanner that reads the VIN if it supports Mode 9. Cars as early as 2002 support this.

I certainly believe so. The scanner wants to know what kind of car it is talking too and the VIN describes the car the best. I am absolutely sure when doing things like software updates and security system component replacement you INPUT the VIN. If I had to bet I say the VIN is displayed in several sections that can be scanned, but it’s been 5 years since I looked at a factory scanner display, I can’t remember.

Absolutely it is. The scanner I have picks the VIN up from both of my cars.